Propagating Plants & Feeling Like A Kindergartner

Have you noticed lately that house plants are everywhere? I read somewhere that plants are the new pillows. Take a peek at Instagram or Pinterest and you'll see that in every pic plants are taking over home decor.

So, have you jumped on the houseplant bandwagon yet? I can say I have my ticket and I'm ready to ride. I'm obsessed!

As a former kindergarten teacher, I vividly remember our unit about plants. In the spring my kids loved to watch their very own lima bean sprout into a tall lanky plant while perched on the windowsill. They would study the root system, measure its growth and water it with such care.

I'm proud to say my new plant obsession looks much like that of my students. I'm learning a thing or two as well. The teacher has now become the student & every day my thumbs get a tad greener.

Through my plant craze, I've learned that they can be propagated. Who knew? Propagation is a fancy term for growing a new plant from a clipping. It's so satisfying to take a cutting and watch as it grows roots.

It can then be planted in soil or kept in water as it grows into a larger plant itself. It's like this plant cycle. It just goes around and around.

Now, let me preface this post with a warning that I am in no way a botanist. I actually had to look up the definition & spelling of botany to make sure that I am not one. Check - I'm not a botanist in any way. I give this warning because I can't guarantee propagation success for either of us.

My handyman, AKA my husband, built these white oak propagation test tube vases. I love their versatility and simplistic design. My plan is to fill them with seasonal flowers and branches too. The plant possibilities are endless!

I hung a collection of 10 vases on my dining room walls. They span between two walls and it looks so clean and organic. I spaced them about 10 inches apart in anticipation of the amazing growth I hope they experience. I'm feeling optimistic and anxiously waiting for their little roots to sprout.

My propagation experiment currently includes - a fiddle leaf fig, bamboo shoot, three varieties of pothos, English ivy, sansevieria, and a couple of other mystery plants. Only time will tell which ones will survive.

I love how organic, yet organized these look on my dining room wall. As they grow and get fuller this corner of my dining room will look amazing! I can't wait!

This process is a slow one, kind of like watching a pot that never boils. But, when those roots shoot through I'll feel like one of my former kindergarten students when their lima bean sprouted in that flimsy plastic cup. They were so thrilled to show their classmates and brag that they had Jack's beanstalk.

I understand their amazement!

So, now it's my turn as I wait for my beanstalks to grow!