One Room Challenge - Week Five - Hunting & Gathering

The sawdust has settled, the backbreaking labor is complete, and the dirty work is behind us. Thank goodness for this phase of the challenge.

If you're just joining us this is where we began only four short weeks ago as guest participants of the One Room Challenge.

In that time we laid flooring.

Our walls have a fresh new coat of paint.

We added inexpensive $10 DIY curtain rods.

And, we custom-built an amazing wooden wall treatment.

But, just like an infomercial. Wait, there's more ...

This week was spent hunting & gathering all the finishing touches that will complete the cozy den we are creating.

The majority of the budget for this room was dedicated to the flooring materials, tool rentals & finally the stain. I'm okay with expenses like these. They will add to the value of our home.

When decorating a room in my home I always shop my own inventory first. Let me explain. I am not one of those women who love to go shopping and load their carts to the brim with stuff. Usually, the stuff I buy today makes its way to the garage sale of tomorrow. So, rather than bring new items into my home I use what I already have first.

After taking stock of what we need and what we already own I think we are in a great place to design our dream den. By meshing the new and old together we hope to style a room that looks as if it has been collected over time.

At this point, the only things I'll have to buy new are a couple of lamps and a rug. Everything else will be sourced from what I already have.

The rest of the items are coming from our very own online boutique inventory. We are launching a store on our website. You read that right. We will be selling home decor items that we have personally sourced. These are objects that we love in our own home and use daily. More to come on the online store later. I was just so excited I couldn't contain my secret any longer.

Really, I encourage you to look around your home. You'll be amazed at what you can rearrange, repurpose or reimagine to create a new life for your old items. And, best of all it doesn't cost you a dime.

Check back next week as we reveal the final space and launch our shop too.