One Room Challenge - Week 4 - Overcoming Obstacles

I recently read on the One Room Challenge site that week four was the most daunting. I concur! We are drained beyond measure!

This week brought some obstacles with it. But, knowing we were among good company that may be experiencing the same, brought us the motivation to roll with it & figure things out.

Take a look at where we began and just how far we've come on week two and three.

The entirety of the week was spent on the wooden wall panel treatment that will be the biggest feature for the entire room. No doubt our most challenging project so far.

I am so glad that we devoted an entire week to the completion of this phase. Time management has never been my strong suit, but something told me that this would take longer than expected. That "something" also happens to be my husband. He was right - this was a doozy!

We sat for a brainstorming session and threw all of our ideas in and after much thought we nailed down our design. We decided on three large wood panels that would span the entire length & width of our den. This room is not huge so we needed to consider the positive and negative space of the pattern.

My immensely talented daughter used her IPad Pro to layout the precise plan for the panels.

She painstakingly drew out each angle and line, tweaking them here and there to get the design just right. The most minute mismeasurement would have thrown off the entire plan, but having her IPad pro made small changes pretty easy. (This is not an Apple Ad, I wish, but it's really an impressive tool!)

The design plan fell on her after we discussed who had taken geometry most recently. She's a freshman in college and still completing her math classes & mine were taken decades ago, so I had a pass on this one! So sorry Mr. Baxter, but honestly not much geometry stuck with me over the years.

I watched in amazement and knew better than offer any advice, she had it covered as well as any Greek Mathematician!

Our resident handyman stepped up once again and got to work cutting out all those triangles using the blonde plywood we selected.

First, he created a template in order to keep the cuts consistent.

From the get-go the labored moaning coming from our router worried me. We were in trouble and the smoke-filled garage was proof. The router bit the dust only two cuts in.

A new one was really not in the room plan or budget, but neither was quitting. So, after a quick trip to Home Depot for a new router with a little more HP, we were in business! This tool cut the wood like butter.

We were practically square dancing in the garage because of the two-inch layer that covered everything.

They needed a minimal amount of hand sanding to smooth out some rough edges.

And, a couple of coats of Varathane Stain in Honey Maple went on.

Now it's on to the fun stuff. Shopping, arranging & rearranging all of those incredible finds that will complete our space and put this issue of the ORC in the books.

The light at the end of the design tunnel is shining brightly & we are headed toward it at full speed! Any obstacles we faced this week are well behind us now.

Here's hoping that week 5 of the ORC brings nothing but success your way!

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