One Room Challenge - Phase 3 - Stain, Paint, Curtains & Revealing Potential

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Things are chugging right along around here for our week three of the One Room Challenge.

Who would have ever thought that a twenty one year old dated vanilla box could change so much? I knew this space had potential, but it needed a little encouragement & love to reveal itself. So, those are the secret ingredients we are using in the transformation of this den!

To see how truly far we've come follow along with the progress we've made in week 1 & week 2.

Remember I mentioned that we were after a Scandinavian (Scandy to the cool kids) vibe with our flooring? We used Bona Nordic Seal & then followed up with Bona Traffic HD.

Application was a breeze with a t-bar applicator hooked to a painters pole.

Not to be too dramatic but I can't find the words to describe how much I love these floors. They are not at all shiny and just the right amount of white wash. They are absolutely what I was going for.

The cherry on top is the fact that yet again we dove into a completely foreign land with this project conquering our DIY doubts. I want to encourage anyone reading this to just dive in. It may be harder than you expected & chances are more confusing, but the pride in knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do is a high you'll ride for awhile!

When we began the project we removed the existing baseboards with the plan to reuse them. After realizing the extensive sanding and painting they needed we opted to replace them with new base moulding. We were able to hunt down an exact match at a local lumber yard. New caulk & paint made such a difference in freshening the space up!

For the walls we went with Behr Parador Stone in an eggshell finish. This paint color is really cool because depending on the light in the space it looks grey or even a deep green.

When planning the space we had thought about creating a moody cozy feel, but I am so thankful that we ran out of paint just before beginning the ceiling! It was one of those happy accidents when calculating the paint coverage. I think it would have made the space feel smaller and like the ceilings were coming down on us had we painted them.

This guy has been such a great sport with the ORC! This project has turned into a family event, no doubt. Those of you participating know that the more hands you have the better to complete the job.

Now you never know where your inspiration might come from, so I always say "keep your eyes peeled for the beauty around you!"

This time our inspo was right in front of our face in the form of our doodle Charlie. Just check out how good her golden locks look against our freshly painted walls. Because of Charlie we plan to add camel colored elements throughout the room.

Like I said keep your eyes open, you just never know where you'll find the perfect element for your space.

Phase 4 of the ORC includes

- Design, create & install a wooden wall treatment

The phase 4 plan is vague, and that's because we know the direction we are headed but have some kinks to work out. This will take the entirety of next week, but l look forward to sharing the end result with you all.

I knew this space had potential it just needed a little encouragement & love! Isn't that true for all of us? And, that's what we are doing one project at a time - encouraging and loving our home to reveal its hidden potential!