One Room Challenge - Week Two - Floor

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

We've been hustling trying to execute the plan we unveiled last week. And, I am proud to announce it was a success & we learned a few new skills to boot! Not a bad week at all!

To see where we began with the One Room Challenge, take a look here.

First, don't be afraid to jump right in and remove whatever has been holding you back from loving your space! Our Achilles heal was the old, stained, dated nasty carpet!

Once demo was done & it was ripped out we were practically dancing! You know your carpet has seen better days when the plywood subfloor looks like an improvement.

It also gave us a glimpse at what the room would look like with the new white oak flooring that we were planning on installing.

Just a side note - we have never installed wood flooring before this project. But, don't ever underestimate the power of a home improvement store or YouTube to educate yourself on any projects your unfamiliar with. There is a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips.

The flooring was purchased from Lumber Liquidators and it matches the existing wood flooring throughout the bottom level of our home. It is 3/4" x 2 1/4" unfinished white oak.

Home Depot tool rental department had everything needed for the install. We picked their brain, they were really knowledgeable about their rental tools. We felt confident we could use everything once we left the store with all of our questions thoroughly answered.

This cleat nailer was such an easy tool to operate & fun too. It comes with a big rubber tipped hammer and you just line it up on the board to be nailed down and give it a quick whack with the hammer.

We had an assembly line system working and phase one of the flooring was done before we knew it.

The estimate to have the flooring professionally installed was about four times the cost of the supplies. I understand the high price, this is labor intensive work, but so worth the savings when doing it ourselves. It was surprisingly not that difficult either.

The most hated step of any DIY for me is the prep work. I'm always chomping at the bit every time I begin a project and the last thing I want to do is tape, scrape or tarp a space!

With that said, if you ever sand a floor in your home you MUST prep the space so that you're not cleaning up layers of dust for the next year.

You know that commercial for Frank's Red Hot Sauce - "I put that sh*t on everything!" If you decide not to prep your project plan to have the finest layer of sawdust meander its way throughout your house. It will be on everything!

The most important step in the prep included hanging a tarp to separate the space from the entryway. We also opened the windows to encourage the dust to escape, but unfortunately most did not.

When in doubt put on a mask. That's my PSA for today! You're welcome!

This is an inexpensive disposable respirator, but I was glad to have it.

I wish I had taken a before shot with the bandana I attempted to tie around my face thinking that would do the trick. No such luck, the fine layer of dust was covering me & I did not want it coating my lungs as well.

The edge sander is our first step in the sanding process. It will get closer to the wall where the main floor sander can't reach.

Don't be fooled by the small size of this sander! This bad boy has some power! I naively plugged it in and it literally took me for a ride.

Lesson learned after I went for a ride across the floor. I'm no dummy. I asked for help with the next step.

We recruited our resident handyman AKA hubby/dad to help with the sanding. Both sanders are pretty heavy and while I don't like to admit that I can't do something I really needed some muscle to maneuver both machines.

We hooked up the Shopvac to the end of the sander and bypassed the dust collection bag. This helped a lot but still there was unbelievably powder fine coat covering every surface in the room including the walls, ceiling, windows & US!

This picture cracks me up, because it looks completely distorted! While our handyman is not a small guy he looks disproportionately large here. I was outside taking the picture looking in and the ground level sits below the window. It's not an Alice in Wonderland thing going on.

Phase 3 of ONC includes:

- Stain & seal floors

- Baseboard replacement

- Paint walls

- DIY curtain rod project

We are looking forward to the less messy phase three of the One Room Challenge!

To everyone participating we are rooting you all on in a big way!