One Room Challenge - Week One - The Big Picture

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Today is the day!

The One Room Challenge kicks off and it could not have come at a better time! It's super exciting to join this creative community. We are looking forward to following along with others as we all plan, inevitably problem solve and reveal our finished spaces together.

Now, this house is pretty new to us. We have lived here for a little less than a year, which is just enough time to sit and observe how we can tweak it to function best for our family.

We've chosen our home office as a jumping off point. Our plan includes transforming the entire purpose of this spot from an office area to a cozy sitting room to read or catch a movie in.

It sits right off of the entry & it's really center stage to our home. There is no door leading into the office only a wide opening. The fact that this room needs a lot of TLC can't be understated. Not to worry though, we have a plan that will reinvent the space entirely!

Here's the plan:

The flooring will be a white oak stained in a light white wash finish. Think Scandinavian here.

Using gray as our predominate neutral we will design a cozy sitting room that calls our family together to snuggle up for movie nights or a quiet place to read.

For the walls we are going with Parador Stone PPU24 - 08 in an eggshell finish by Behr. It's a saturated gray that coordinates well with all other neutrals.

The walls are going to get an awesome 3 dimensional layered design that we will reveal in the weeks to come.

Furniture, organic elements, and fabric will all contribute to the completed look.

Now that you've been debriefed on the plan we have to share how the room currently looks.

This is your warning - it's not pretty!

Here's the beginning:

The before is a no personality vanilla box with super ornate red and gold wall to wall carpeting. Dated white metal mini-blinds cover the two front facing windows. It truly is stuck in a late 1990's time warp!

Twenty one years ago Google was new, Titanic was showing in theaters, The Spice Girls were jamming and we were tuning into The Jerry Springer to see who's the daddy!

Seems so long ago, right? Not to this space. It sits untouched 21 years later and it's screaming for some well deserved attention.

Luckily, we are just the girls to roll up our sleeves and get to work on introducing a new decade to this forgotten room.

Officially this has been posted and read, which is a good thing because we are now committed to seeing the space through.

Here's to late nights, sweaty brows, elbow grease galore & ultimately a finished space that we all have the privilege of sharing with each other.

We will see you back here next week to share the progress we've made.

Follow along with the ORC here.

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