One Room Challenge - Week 6 - Joy In The Journey

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The den is done.

I'm going to type this again, the den is done. I need to pause & let these words soak in.

I think Jay Z said it best - "I've got 99 problems but the den ain't one!" The song doesn't go exactly like this, but you get the point.

Every detail is complete. Marked off the list. I am beyond proud to say I don't have a punch list of things to go back and touch up with this project.

The talented community of the One Room Challenge is mind-boggling! It was an honor to participate alongside these incredibly creative designers and complete a room simultaneously. To know we were not alone in our goal of transforming a space was super motivating! We began together and we have crossed the finish line together as well.

Rather than looking forward to the day that the den was done, I made a conscious effort from the beginning to stay focused & enjoy all the milestones achieved along the way. To find joy in the journey.

I'm beaming with pride at all that we accomplished in the short six weeks that is the One Room Challenge. Here's a quick recap:

First, week 1 began with planning what to do with an outdated vanilla box & its ornate red & gold patterned carpet. This carpet looked familiar to me & I think I've finally nailed it down to a Vegas casino, maybe Caeser's Palace. Yeah, that bad!

Next, week 2 was spent tackling the enormous endeavor of installing & sanding new white oak hardwoods.

Staining & sealing the new flooring in week 3 was a huge accomplishment. We also built DIY curtain rods.

For week 4 we designed and executed a custom wooden wall treatment.

Let the accessorizing begin! Week 5 was spent gathering all the elements that would fill the space and complete our finished look.

For our first experience participating in the One Room Challenge, I would definitively say there was joy in the journey! So much joy, in fact, that I am counting the days until the next challenge begins & planning which project to tackle.

It's now time to truly just sit back, relax and enjoy the new function of the space that my family created together.

A big thank you for following along!

Room Sources

The Neutral Equation - Pillows, brass bells, ebony beads & Turkish throw

Ikea - Sofa, console & drapes

Target - Lamps & rug

Home Depot - Plants & Behr Parador Stone wall paint

Lumber Liquidators - Hardwood flooring

Bona Nordic Seal - Floor stain

TJ Maxx - Baskets & planter

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