Our Favorite Spot ... So Far

At times it seems like we moved to Kentucky from Texas just yesterday.

But, when I look around at our current house I can see the progress we've made almost everywhere.

I see progress that did not happen overnight.

Progress that required sweat equity. Sweat equity that we are so proud to have invested in our home.

Progress that transformed this particular space from bland to inspired.

At this moment the spot that I find myself admiring most is our breakfast room renovation.

I absolutely love the way it turned out. Natural light floods in and the open windows give a great view of the dense trees outside.

Neutral, natural, layered, clean & modern are all adjectives that fit perfectly.

The design all began around this tulip table. This table has been on my radar FOREVER and finally I own one.

This table has a good-natured personality. It's kind of like that kid on the playground that makes friends easily. The kid that's nice to everyone and never notices if someone is a different than them.

Tulip tables are friendly & always play well with others, as a result they like all chairs.

Now, when considering the friendly demeanor of my table, I went with a low back chestnut leatherISH chair. So, what I mean to say is they are 100% genuine pleather.

And, like I mentioned before my table and chairs work so well together. Dining cooperation at its finest.

Onto the lighting. This was the last pendant of its kind in World Market's inventory. Company wide. The very last one.

How did I get so darn lucky that it ended up in my home? Seems like the lighting gods were certainly shining down on me that day I wandered into World Market with plans to only browse.

But, I knew this pendant was meant to be mine! We were destined to be together.

Pictures truly don't do it justice. It's really beyond words! I'm smitten, can you tell?

All that lighting goodness created a little competition for the walls.

Don't worry, I upped their game too. Who knew Home Depot sold wallpaper? Not me, but online I found an awesome selection.

This pattern is Handloom by Joanna Gains. 

A big thumbs for the great quality. It’s nice and thick with super sticky self adhesive. I was a little skeptical about not adding additional wallpaper paste, because being a high traffic area I needed it to be strong. But, no worries. It's tough.

My windows are covered with Home Decorators Collection Bamboo shades in Driftwood, which are also from Home Depot.

They are conveniently cordless and unlined to allow a little light to filter in.

I have these shades in other windows in my home because they are so well made and you can't beat the value.

Now, don't get caught up in the details and all that remains to be done with your home and I promise I won't either.

Look, there will always be another something that needs to be ticked off of our never ending to do list. Always!

Pause, catch your breath, and look around. See how truly far you've come & enjoy your favorite spot.