Flooring Indecision - To Paint or Not To Paint?

I'm impatient! I admit it. Particularly when it comes to my house. I want to snap my fingers and all of the ideas scrambling around in my head come to life. Poof, just like that. My house is done. That's a complete dream and I know it! Never. Going. To. Happen.

If you don't already know. Flooring is expensive! I mean bust the budget expensive. When you live in a house like mine that needs updating throughout it's hard to blow such a huge chunk of your reno budget on only one area.

I found these images of a Norwegian interior designers home and I love the simplicity & minimalism of her space. It got me thinking maybe there is an alternative to refinishing our hardwoods.

Photo Credit: interiormagasinet.hegnar.no

My current dilemma is really the story of most of our lives. Finding the balance between what we want and what we can afford. Am I right? Or, am I right?

Photo Credit: interiormagasinet.hegnar.no

Our floors are dated. They are white oak hardwoods, which I'm happy with. However, I'm not too pleased with the fact that they are those super thin planks and they are a golden oak (more of a yellowish) stain. They are not in bad shape at all, but they do need a good sanding and restaining. Both of which are messy and expensive!

We learned this the hard way when laying, sanding & staining the flooring for our newly remodeled den that this is a super involved process that I'm not in a hurry to repeat.

So, here's my thought about our current flooring situation. Paint the floors white. Simple enough, right.

Photo Credit: interiormagasinet.hegnar.no

The only cost would involve the paint itself and a sealer. And, best of all there is no sanding involved!

If things don't go well, I'm right where I started and they will still need to be sanded and stained. So really, I have nothing to lose, but the cost of the paint & our labor.

My hope is that the floors will look more Scandanavian than farmhouse. I think the flooring will be a neutral palate and the furnishings will dictate the style more than anything else.

Photo Credit: interiormagasinet.hegnar.no

I'm usually pretty decisive when it comes to my home, but I would love to hear your experience painting your own floors. Give me the good, bad & ugly!

Please reach out and make sense out of my flooring indecision! You better hurry though, I might already be on my way to Home Depot for paint and supplies!