DIY Curtain Rod - Under $10

There's a saying around our house that goes something like this, "cheap is good, but free is better!"

Of course, I can clearly see that you're nodding your head in agreement too.

I'll admit this project is not really free.

But, it is so darn close! Realistically, it could wear a name tag at parties and introduce itself as " Mr. free!"

It's that close!

So, I needed curtain rods for the den space I am renovating for the One Room Challenge.

Have you priced rods lately? Talk about sticker shock! They are pricy!

Because of that big bad budget, I came up with a plan B. Without a doubt thinking outside of the box usually saves me money. And, while I don't always appreciate working within a tight budget, it always ends up working to my advantage.

Generally, budgets force me out of my comfort zone & nudge me into coming up with more creative & unique ideas.

Ultimately, the very best DIY's give you both maximum results with minimal cost. This will check both of those boxes.

This beautiful Hudson Drapery Hardware Set from Ballard Designs had me drooling & it's loosely my inspiration for the project!

It's sleek and simple, and those mounting brackets and end caps top off that pricy look. However, at $66.75 each it was not going to happen for me at this moment.

It is exactly what I would choose if the budget allowed. But, it did not!

So, here I was picking my brain for a similar look that I could recreate. All on a super tight budget.

Here is my version


Using inexpensive pine 1'' x 2''s cut them to your desired length.

Mine are 48" long.

The edge pieces are 3 1/4''. You can adjust the depth of your sides based on your window needs.


Now, using a nail gun if you have one attach the pieces together.

A little tip - The pine is soft and easily dents, so choose the best side to be the face of your "rod."

I prefer to add a drop of wood glue before nailing things together. It just gives things a little more strength.


I used Rustoleum's Satin Bronze. I've always been a big fan of Rustoleum products. This spray paint goes on with a slight texture & it also hold up well too.

To give the gold finish a little more depth I used Rub n' Buff in Antique Gold thinly on top of the spray paint.

Let the paint dry overnight.


Finally, install your rods using small L-brackets and a phillips head screwdriver or drill.

In order to hide the L-brackets attach them on the inside of the side pieces.


  • Pine 1 x 2's

  • L-brackets

  • Gold Rustoleum spray paint in Satin Bronze

  • Rub n' Buff in Antique Gold

  • Small finishing nails

  • Wood Glue

  • Wall Anchors


Easy & done!

Obviously, you're going to see a lot more of these throughout our house.

You can bet nobody will ever know these are a DIY curtain rod! Don't worry your DIY secret is safe with me. Pinky Promise!

Now, are you ready for the especially great news?

Listen up.

You've saved so much on your rods that you can now go splurge on some stunning curtains to dress up your DIY project.

There's no need to choose between great looking rods or great looking curtains. At last, you get both!

Besides you've worked hard. I say you deserve it!