Anthro Inspired Free Christmas Printables

Have you ever received a gift that was so beautifully wrapped that you didn't give a flip about what was inside? You actually had pangs of guilt about ripping into the box.

My great Aunt Doris who would wrap gifts this way. She would wrap the most extravagant boxes you had ever seen. They were always topped with a starched bow or some trinket that coordinated with the paper.

She once gave me a cheese grater, which is useful and appreciated, but the wrapped box was truly a gift in itself. She took the time and thought to make the whole thing an unforgettable experience. Really, looking back she was the Martha Stewart of her time!

I was reminded of Aunt Doris' amazing gifts on a recent trip to Anthropologie. They have the cutest prewrapped soaps and lotions topped little wreaths, mittens and trees.

But, who am I kidding I can't afford much at Anthropologie. After all, I have a kid in college and one only a couple of years away. Still, I love to stroll through and gawk at their impeccable style. Have you ever noticed their front windows or how they make the ordinary look incredible just in the way it's displayed?

Any chance I have to bring a snippet of their style into my space and I'm all over it!

So, don't they say the most sincere form of flattery is to copy someone? Well, Anthropologie consider yourself flattered!

We created a couple of free Christmas Printables that we think rival those we saw in the store. This is an early Christmas gift from our home to yours!

The fireplace scene makes me realize how desperately dated my own late 1990's fireplace looks! Until I can remodel mine I'll have to decorate the printable version!

To top the mantle we made some stockings out of felt and glued some tiny pom-poms to the edge. You could also add orange and red tissue paper and give the logs a crackling fire effect.

This vintage Jeep Wagoneer is right out of a Hallmark Christmas movie! Seriously, not only do they have the most quaint American small towns you've ever seen, but I swear the only reason my husband will sit and watch one is for the vintage trucks.

Imagine this Wagoneer is slowly driving through snowy small-town USA with a naturally flocked Christmas tree perched on the roof. The incredibly handsome driver spots a woman whose arms are overflowing with boxes of warm chocolate chip cookies. She looks like she desperately needs help. So, like any sane woman she accepts a ride from the handsome stranger after he flashes his pearly white veneers. Wow, she discovers he was her elementary school crush. What are the chances? She hadn't seen him since she moved to the big city to start her bakery, but thanks to his kindness she'll make it in time to win the county bakeoff. Then the Christmas tree will be donated to the town's bare gazebo. The end!

You never know, your beautifully wrapped boxes might steal the show from the gift that lies inside this year! Be creative and make wrapping fun!

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