A Closet to China

Updated: Jan 22

Is it a closet or an office? Would it be a crazy answer to tell you it's all of the above?

The truth is it's kind of like a mullet.

It's got both the business and party aspect completely covered.

All of the office essentials you could imagine are packed into this tiny space. A desk, computer, plenty of storage and a comfy chair to top it off. All of this contained within about 15 teeny square feet. Business all the way!

Open the doors and surprise! There's all kinds of fun happening in this spot. And, serving a purpose you'd have never guessed possible from a closet alone. A total party!

When I am not busy remodeling my dated digs I do have a real job. I teach children from China how to speak English. It's an awesome opportunity to put my teaching skills to use and best of all I get to do all of this from home. Yep, kids across oceans, mountains and on another continent and myself get together every morning and have a lesson in English. Can you believe this is even a reality?

Remember The One Room Challenge we participated in? Well, as a reminder we repurposed our home office to better serve our family and transformed the space into a cozy TV room. This change created a problem and in fact left our home office, well homeless.

My days as an English teacher start very early. The early factor alone prompted my relocating to a spare bedroom and ultimately finding my way into the actual closet. It was super important to be able to close the bedroom door so I don't wake up the rest of my family at the crack of dawn! There's a 13 hour time difference between Bejing China and Louisville Kentucky. As I mentioned, my days start early!

This new workspace had to include three big wishlist items

Storage - Luckily for me, the storage came in the form of existing built-ins. We relocated them from the center to the side and just gave them a coat of paint to freshen this spot up. This little office is ambitious and perfectly holds everything I need to get my job done each and every morning. Talk about bringing your organizing A-game!

Style - My office may be small but I still wanted it to be stylish. Shiplapped walls painted a whiteish blue gave a fun foundation to layer with colorful accessories. Once again my daughter created a serene painting for my backdrop & I'm smitten with it. On the more functional side of things, I added a hanging file organizer to hold some of the props I use in my lessons.

Stow it all away - The whole point of relocating to an extra closet was the huge bonus of closing the doors and hiding all my mess each day. Behind these doors, you'd never know all of the amazing things happening on the other side of both the closet and really the other side of the world too.

I was in desperate need of a designated work area and I could not be happier that I looked outside of the box to create the perfect home office.

Shake things up and find unintended purposes for some predictable spaces in your house. After all, there are no rules. It's your house. Right?

Truly, my home contains a closet that transports me to China where I have incredible conversations with amazing kids each morning!

I say absolutely anything is possible within your home!